Chun-ming Texas Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in known as "9 to Tianqu, God Beijing portal," said the reputation of the beautiful Texas, company is located in Dezhou Wu Dong Cao County Development Zone in Shandong Province. East "Beijing-Taipei" high-speed, west of "the moral" high-speed, south of the "Green Bank" high-speed, located in Germany and the German military road south trade route from Texas 20 kilometers, convenient transportation and unique geographical location, the people honest, old times, Tianbao, is a unique climate, terrain, and the clouds land a. The company is dedicated to agricultural machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales of professional manufacturers, the predecessor Chun-ming evolved from a

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About Chun-ming

Texas Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Chun-ming

small farm machinery repair shop for the manufacture of Wu Cheng Chunming machinery factory evolved, was founded in 1985, is the older veteran Wu County farm machinery repair, one machinery production enterprises. In 2009 registered company, registered capital of 10 million yuan, covering over 40,000 square meters, construction area of about 21,000 square meters.

My company equipped with more advanced molding equipment to ensure product quality and technical content. The company attaches great importance to "production -

Science - research - Push - "business philosophy, according to" research and development generation, lead generation, reserve generation "of strategic thinking, has University of Jinan, Qingdao Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, Binzhou Research Institute and Agricultural Mechanization Sciences university institutes to establish a cooperative relationship, continue to strengthen new product development, reform and innovation, and better adapt to new market requirements. in addition, the company has a sound sales network and excellent after-sales service system, there are a number of R & D professionals strong now the company than 100 employees, including all types of high, medium and technical personnel dozens of people. At the same time, the company actively take the road of cooperation with foreign countries, Russia Kazan agricultural consortium had joint development and production of new self-propelled snow blowers and self propelled garbage sweeper and other projects, and was a complete success. undertook in 2016 in Shandong Province agricultural equipment research and innovation projects, "self-propelled forage harvester research and development", the same year collaborated in Shandong Province agricultural equipment research and innovation projects "4MGB -260 self-propelled combine harvester stalks smart cotton baler research and development. "
The company's main products are various series of corn harvester, ear of corn stalk harvesting machines, self-propelled gourd melon grain harvesters, self-propelled harvester sunflower, forage harvester, pastoral management machine, straw chopper machines, self-propelled straw balers, tillage corn fertilization precision Planter deep pine and other agricultural equipment. "Chunming" brand products in the domestic market reputation, in which the annual corn harvest over a thousand sets. Products are exported to Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Northeast China, selling more than 20 provinces and cities in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Shanxi and so on, the majority of users. "Chunming" brand products now has two patents, more than 20 national utility model and design patents and nine honorary machinery and agricultural product promotion certificate of authenticity.
From the construction company to develop large-scale production now, has been committed to the best quality products, farm machinery for farmers and friends to create a zero-failure and work hard, Ming Chun Chun-ming brand should not only put on the market around the country, more attention pre-sale, sale, sale and service, because only serve the farmers listen to user comments and suggestions in order to ensure product quality and service quality, so that farmers friends and really enjoy their rights. "Customer first, service-oriented, reputation first, efficiency first" is the purpose of our services. Honesty, righteousness Germany is our leading the way, Chun Ming survive by quality, technology and development, brand extension to the market, advanced to the corporate culture as the basis for harmonious human services for the purpose, forge ahead, innovation, trying to work with all users, mutual benefit, work together to create "Chunming" a better tomorrow.