Qixian fellow blessed it! No longer have to manually cut out the garlic!

Qi County villagers

You thought garlic machine close it?

Have you ever seen a machine garlic receive it?

You used the machine to close garlic do?

Do you believe the machine close garlic?

Xiao Bian also more skeptical at first

Until the day before yesterday to take the machine to close out the real scene of garlic

Hu cut stalks to harvest a joint operation, really good!

Xiao Bian tell you if

The garlic Combine Harvester

It is Qixian Ge Kong Peng Lixiang developed by fellow

We are not looking forward to more of it?


Go to Seven Mile Church Community site test machine to see it!

First stamp video below

Watch garlic Combine Harvester

Shimoda test machine real shot with a live interview!

After reading the real video

And then follow the small series of photos taken recap presentations it

▲ When Xiao Bian arrived, the scene has gathered a lot of people

▲ Everyone waited at the edge of farmland, waiting for the scene a little later in the test machine

▲ machine packed crowd next to fellow

▲ villagers with curiosity, have stepped forward to view the machine

▲ workers carrying out maintenance before the test machine

▲ wait for the start of the villagers activities

▲ County Agricultural Bureau attended and addressed

▲ Texas Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Chun-ming Huo total Speech

▲ villagers came to watch a lot of crowded around the testing ground to

▲ garlic combine harvester is already in place,

We also invariably pulling out the phone ready to record the next scene

▲ give way, give way

Combine Harvester Shimoda garlic garlic close up!

▲ This is the garlic Combine Harvester closed out the garlic

Cut garlic stalks, cut Hu, harvested at once!

Simply amazing!

(However, because it rained the night before, and just watered the land, and therefore more to close out the garlic with soil, if the operation in dry ground, will be more fast, more clean! )

▲ onlookers villagers see the results picked garlic

▷ Everyone says: "Yield has been considered a clean cut straw length, strength under Hu grasp very good!"

"Although there are individual cut bad, but even the artificial garlic also cut rotten ah"

▲ combined with field operations and the effect of random interviews with villagers

The feedback we get is:

"Overall speaking very satisfied with the test machine effect of the machine is good!"

Quite a few villagers have been asked to find someone responsible for communication,

This ready to buy garlic combine harvester.

After the read-site test machine ▲

The villagers have come to consult and order this garlic Combine Harvester

Order Desk waiting in a long queue



▲ we have to pay a deposit from

Wait garlic harvesting machine to send home

In the test machine on-site, small voice is heard the most: "Before the garlic bitter tired, bent his head down kind of have to hire a much garlic, have over 1000 acre of land light labor. dollars, with this machine really incredible, not only fast, but also received garlic neat, like a change of position some years, this year has finally received the machine can be used for the garlic! "

it's here

Xiao Bian also the fellow who did not go to the scene

The winning numbers tell us about the spring of garlic Combine Harvester

The garlic combine harvester, is the last we Qixian Ge Kong Qi Zhaicun fellow Peng Lixiang nine years developed in similar products from domestic and foreign advanced technology on the basis of improvement after years of repeated demonstration, to be completed by the cut stalks of garlic Hu cut harvesting joint work to solve the problem over the years the harvest garlic, has been recognized by the national agricultural Extension Center.

Under normal circumstances, spring garlic winning numbers combine harvester can harvest one hour to complete an acre of land, about a day can be harvested garlic 7-8 acres of garlic!

how to buy?

So if Qi County villagers want to buy this

Spring garlic Combine Harvester winning numbers

Where are you going?

Let Qi County's total distribution

it's here

Zhigang Qi County Agricultural Machinery

Qixian total distribution: Qi County Regal Heights South Loop West northbound 50 meters Zhigang agricultural machinery (formerly Aerospace agricultural machinery)

Sales Phone: 15993328986; 15737819216 (micro-channel synchronous)

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