Self-propelled corn harvester working methods of

Today is the working methods of self-propelled corn harvesters small series to introduce.

1. harvest different crops, selected according to characteristics of the different cylinders and a moisture content of crops (maize: double full axial threshing and separating drum) is made.

2. The cleaning separation system that uses fans and straight volute double adjustable scale mesh sieve and processing Nagao air volume can be adjusted and angled cleaning area of up to 4.3 m2, the air volume is provided continuously variable transmission mechanism, it can be adjusted within the 340-1060 r / min range for optimal air flow.

3. The drum speed is adjusted by the structure of the continuously variable transmission, the speed adjustment range is 450-1180 r / min, to meet the requirements of various crops harvested.

4. The key working parts of the installation of electronic sensors to constantly monitor the operation of the key components of the harvester, depending on the system after installation, to provide effective protection for the safe driving of the driver.

The bridge uses an enhanced bridge can be realized quickly mount the cutting table, having good versatility, easy to operate, reliable mount. Floating bridge roller feed roll form with good feeding performance.

6. The use of harvested corn head snapping plate + pentaprism knife roller pull stem structure.

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