Automatic corn sheller maintenance knowledge

With modern machinery in rural areas, corn sheller, as a farmer's helper, it is becoming increasingly popular. But to remind you that, when using automatic corn sheller should note the following:

1, due to the thresher working environment is very bad, so in advance to conduct security operations personnel to participate in education on the job, making it clear operational procedures and safety knowledge, such as sleeves fastened to, should wear a mask and protective glasses.

2, must be carefully checked before using the rotating parts is flexible collision, the adjustment mechanism is normal, secure facilities are complete and effective; make sure no debris inside the machine, lubricating parts to add oil.

3, before starting the job site clean-up should not be put some of the debris has nothing to do with threshing; to prohibit children playing in the field edge, to avoid accidents.

4, when the work to be uniformly fed corn cobs, to prevent stones, sticks and other hard objects within the feeding machine.

5, the drive belt to be firmly linker; prohibited during the operation of detaching and attaching the machine to a belt or any object contacting transmission parts. Automatic corn sheller.

6, supporting power transmission between the thresher ratio to meet the requirements, so as to avoid thresher speed is too high, severe vibration, the damaged parts or fasteners loose and cause personal injury.

7, continuous operation can not be too long, typically about eight hours of work to stop checking, adjustment and lubrication to avoid wear resulting in severe friction, heat or deformation.

8, automatic thresher are generally powered by diesel engines, wear on the exhaust pipe cover fire, preventing fire.

9, automatic corn sheller during working such as failure, maintenance and adjustment should be shut down before.

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