Corn sheller Maintenance

Corn sheller with less than busy season, usually in the parking and storage should pay attention to the following aspects:

First of all, before the custody of corn thresher park, agricultural hand to deal with farm machinery to conduct a comprehensive "health check", that is, agricultural machinery maintenance, make good technical condition.

Moreover, the agricultural sector is best to send agricultural technicians to the countryside villages and households, agricultural technical training courses held in custody, to publicize the importance of agricultural hand farm machinery parked custody, distribution of agricultural custody of technical information, guidance agricultural hand to do agricultural machinery maintenance maintenance, parking and storage work.

Then the farmers to improve machine hand corn sheller and other farm machinery parked and understanding the importance custody. Corn sheller farmers own money (the part of state subsidies), we should cherish and care. Agricultural long kept services for agricultural production, to hand corn sheller and other agricultural fortunes service, agricultural hand should strengthen the maintenance of agricultural machinery, take good care of properly. You should give farm to be a "nest" security "home" and let it idle during the rest convalesce in a warm "home". Make good technical condition, the coming year to better serve agricultural production, agricultural hand to "get rich" to make new contributions.

Again, is conditional place, should be combined with rural development, opportunities newly remodeled new home, the library built agricultural park, which shed included content. Where conditions allowed, agricultural hand should choose a ventilated, dry place, build a simple shed, or covered with plastic tarps and other farm machinery, as long as the sun can withstand wind and rain, snow and ice frost on it.

Do the above, can effectively extend the life of the corn sheller, and to some extent, can improve the performance of corn sheller, friends of farmers must pay attention to the parking and storage of the machine.

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